Almost there iTunes, what with your continuous albums

The: Almost there iTunes, what with your continuous albums
So i have an airport express, and a personal laptop, and am finally ripping my CDs. Years after everyone else...
I don't use crossmixing playback, but you can tell iTunes not to crossmix continuous albums which is all very well
But even with that flag it doesn't apply a similar soundcheck value to all the tracks, so you still get a noticable volume shift
blech: iVolume reuses the tag for volume normalisation, but is more configuable. Not sure if it handles albums.
There's also MacMP3Gain.

go Yahoo!

jerakeen: go Yahoo!
The YUI front page is very empty today. Because someone posted to the mailing list with <script> in a title.

Not that cross-site-scripting holes are an elementary error that, frankly, I don't expect to see on the front page of a Yahoo developer site about cutting-edge JS toolkit.
Anyway, first person to steal my domain cookie can pretend that I gave them a prize.
Oh, also, it's broken the front page. Which is also important.
notes that the spool escapes things properly.
blech: Well, it helps that it doesn't use HTML at all.
jerakeen: if only email titles didn't use... oh, wait.
ChrisDodo: I wanted a javascript animation and all I got is this lousy security hole.
maybe I should use JQuery.
blech: Everyone loves JQuery.